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What is it?

Kampion Card Game is a football (or soccer) card game with beautiful artwork by worldwide artists.

Each card is a footballer, created by a talented illustrator and inspired by his/hers football memories. It’s a playable art gallery.

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200+ beautiful cards

The uniqueness of each card is one of Kampion’s strong suits. The beautiful artwork makes each deck a playable piece of art.

From ugly and tough defenders to glamorous and speedy strikers, variety is something that won’t ever lack!

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A worldwide game

Kampion Card Game currently has over 200 cards, created by more than 150 artists from 75 different countries!

From Finland to South Korea, from Kenya to Canada, Kampion is truly a worldwide collaborative effort.

Meet the artists

As featured on hundreds of publications, such as…

Four Four Two Magazine [link]

World Soccer Talk [link]

Jornal i [link]

P3 [link]

Are you a talented illustrator?

Kampion is an ongoing project, so if you are an artist and would like to join us and contribute with one card, feel free to get in touch!

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